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Here at OAKFORD REALTY we go above and beyond with your marketing.

In today’s market you really need to stand out from the crown more than ever.

There are so many new forms of advertising and old styles that have gone by the way side.

There is no longer a need for a flashy office with pictures in the window, or full-page newspaper ads or even the old realtor magazine.

Today the focus is on the high tech, we have fully embraced these changes and will keep at the forefront to ensure your interests are always put first.

Most buyers solely use internet to find information on their new property. Sites like and

Social Media is now proving to have even more influence on buyer behaviour and with the ability to direct market to people with a specific interest in properties like yours.

We include all of these services as part of the total marketing package,

Today the focus is on the high tech, we have fully embraced these changes and will keep at the forefront to ensure your interests are always put first.

In today’s market standing out from the crowd is more important than ever.
Real estate marking is changing, gone are the days of the newspaper or realtor ad,

No longer do we put a sign in the window and hope someone stops to look on the way out to the car with their shopping

Today we are faced with a constantly evolving internet with a myriad of different platforms competing to outdo each other.

Most buyers solely use internet to find information on their new property
By far and away is the stand out leader in this field with 12345 million views each month
What comes along with being the biggest is the ability to charge accordingly, so is an expensive but necessary tool.

That said being so big listings can sometimes be lost in the overwhelming crowd, so to stand out extra spending is needed to ensure you are on the front page and front of mind for buyers. This is why we also look at every other option available to promote your home. Reiwa is another important website that targets local buyers and is well respected as a industry standard. While standard listings are free Reiwa also has feature and highlight options for an extra cost


Standard Property

  • Gain exposure to the biggest audience in Australian real estate

Feature Property

  • Be seen before all Standard property in search results
  • Increase the enquiries of a Standard property
  • Grab buyer attention with an interactive photo carousel

Highlight Property

  • Be positioned up front in search results, before all Feature Property and Standard Property
  • Multiply enquiries compared with a Standard Property
  • tand out as local market leader
  • Build your personal brand with your name displayed

Premiere Property

  • Appear at the top in all search results
  • Highest boosting of views compared to a Standard Property
  • Stand out as local market leader
  • Your name and photo displayed to build your personal brand
  • Maximise position with most enquiries compared to Standard Property

realestate WA


Essential Property

This is the standard advertising option for subscribers and is the economical way to get noticed. By showcasing the key features of your property, agent logo and photo, your listing is only one click away from being viewed.

realestate WA
Features and benefits
  • Positioning: Essential Property appears in all suburb and surrounding suburb search results for properties that are for sale and for rent.
  • Visibility: Showcase key features of the property, with one primary photo and inspection times.
  • Agent branding: Prominent agent branding and agent photo.
  • Additional exposure: Your listing will also appear free of charge on, and, so you’ll be seen by more property seekers.

Headline Property

The popular choice for the marketing savvy. A Headline Property features an agency coloured headline and is larger in size, instantly grabbing attention to help drive maximum enquiries.

realestate WA
Features and benefits
  • Visibility: Stand out with a larger listing that features one larger primary photo, four additional photos and an agency coloured headline.
  • Agent branding: Position yourself as a market leader in your suburb.
  • Advertising deals: Advertising deals are available.

Feature Property

Give your listing the prominence it deserves. Feature Properties are showcased at the very top of all For Sale and For Rent search results. This guarantees you’ll be the first seen in your suburb every time.

realestate WA
Features and benefits
  • Bigger, bolder and better: A Feature Property display is the largest of them all. With a greater focus on larger images and minimal text, it will ensure both prominence and click-throughs to your listing
  • Positioning: A Feature Property listing will appear by default at the top of search result pages (above Headline and Standard Property listings), ensuring that your property is seen first
  • Image carousel rotation: Rotates through all your listing photos
  • Agent branding: Position yourself as a market leader in your suburb
  • Advertising deals: Discounted pricing is available

Listing display

When a visitor searches on, listings within the parameters of that search will appear in the following order:

  • Premium Placements: Displayed within the first eight placements on the search results page for the selected suburb, rotating on a random basis.
  • Feature Properties: Displayed directly below Premium Placements in chronological order according to the date the property was upgraded (newest Feature Property at the top).
  • Headline Properties: Displayed directly below Feature Properties in chronological order according to the date the property was upgraded (newest Headline Property at the top).
  • Essential Properties: Displayed directly below Headline Properties in chronological order according to the date the property was listed (newest listing at the top)


Facebook has become another giant in our daily lives, and with such a devoted following by millions of people it has also become a fantastic new tool to get your property in front of the right people.

With standard advertising you had to throughout your net far and wide hoping to find someone interested in buying your home.

Today with advanced targeting marketing we can deliver your message straight to the exact people ewe want to see it.

We can select from so many option including people in the area, or even driving nearby.

We can select age, gender, background hobbies and interest’s topics they are interested in and even discussing with friends.

Facebook marketing is surprisingly affordable with options as low as $1 per day

Google AdWords is another marketing tool to get your property in front of people searching for homes in your area.

Once we have setup your own webpage for your home, we can then link that via google to show up in searches in your area. While Google advertising is more expensive per click than other advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to see your home. This can be anywhere from $1 to $10 per click, you set your budget for clicks and daily limits and total budget.

Gumtree is another website targeting interested buyers, while standard listing if free they also have boost options starting from a few dollars up to $150 per boost, there are all time limited.

Photo for sale signs have a fantastic effect on buyers that are actually at your property, they can see past the façade and into the home via this tool, so where someone may have found the address and judged the home only by the cover, now we have the ability to convert a possible lost lead in to someone that now wants to see more of the features not normally available to view.




One of the largest local real estate photographers is aperture 22 with package services including

  • Professional photography
  • Photo for sale sign
  • Professional flyers
  • 3D dollhouse view
  • Virtual tour
  • 360 images of front and rear
  • 2d floor plan
  • 3d floor plan
  • Site plan

All for $795

  • Optional extras
  • Video $375
  • Twilight photography $125
  • Virtual staging of empty homes from $75 per photo
Aerial Photography is also another new tool we can use to give buyers a new perspective on your property.

Large properties really benefit from the ability to show the whole property in photo and video formats

It can also help show your property in relationship to other local features such as parks rivers shopping centres and schools.

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